Live, love, fish!
Hysypops rubicundus
print size: 10"x7"
silverspotted sculpin 
blepsias cirrhosus
Print size: 11"x6"
black skipjack 
euthynnus lineatus
print size: 11"x6"
nematistius pectoralis
print size: 11"x8"
popeye catalufa 
pristigenys serrula
print size: 8"x9"


crested sculpin  
blepsias bilobus
Print size: 11"x6"
skipjack tuna 
katsuwonus pelamis
print size 11"x6"
pacific bonito
sarda chiliensis
print size: 11"x6"
yellowfin tuna
Thunnus albacares
 print size 12"x6"
Pacific Val Kells Fish Prints
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pacific - page 2

Below is page 2 of pacific giclee fish prints of val's original n.E. pacific saltwater  fish illustrations. (sailfish & wahoo on atlantic & gulf - page 2). Don't see your favorite? Contact val. 

c-o sole
pleuronichthys coenosus
print size: 10"x8"