Live, love, fish!
canary rockfish
sebastes pinniger
 print size 10"x6"
ophiodon elongatus
print size: 12"x5"
Pacific Val Kells Fish Prints
sunset rockfish 
sebastes crocotulus
print size: 10"x6"

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Below is a selection of pacific fish prints  of val's original northeast pacific saltwater  fish illustrations.
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Black-and-yellow rockfish
sebastes chrysomelas  
Print size: 10"x6"
china rockfish  
sebastes nebulosus
print size: 10"x6"
red irish lord
hemilepidotus hemilepidotus
print size: 11"x6"
vermilion rockfish
Sebastes miniatus
print size: 10"x6"
copper rockfish  
Sebastes caurinus
Print size: 10"x6"
scorpaenichthys marmoratus
print size: 11"x7"
grunt sculpin
rhamphocottus richardsonii 
print size 10"x6"