Atlantic and gulf of mexico - page 1Atlantic & gulf  fish prints

Below is a selection of atlantic & gulf giclee fish prints of val's original atlantic and gulf saltwater  illustrations.
PLEASE NOTE: all images are copyrighted. Reproduction of any kind is prohibited.

Longspine squirrelfish 
Holocentrus rufus
print size: 11"x7"
Red lionfish 
Pterois volitans
print size: 10"x9"
Common snook 
Centropomus undecimalis
 print size 12"x6"
Atlantic and Gulf Val Kells Fish Prints
Albula vulpes  
Print size: 12"x6"
Megalops atlanticus
Print size: 12"x6"
Trachinotus falcatus
print size: 12"x7" 


horse-eye jack
Caranx latus
print size: 10"x6" 
Striped bass
Morone saxatilis
print size: 12"x6"
Black sea bass 
Centropristis striata 
print size 12"x6"
Live, love, fish!
Florida pompano 
Trachinotus carolinus
print size: 12"x6" 
Deepwater squrrelfish  
Sargocentron bullisi 
print size: 11"x6"
Crevalle jack
Caranx hippos 
print size: 12"x6" 
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Coyphaena hippurus 
print size: 12"x6"